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In 1999, Sydney, Australia-based startup vuetec was established with the intention of supplying a live video stream for online gaming fans.

Before the technology was advanced enough for a live dealer casino, the first live stream was accomplished utilizing dial up at 56kbps. Most online casinos with a live dealer option today broadcast their action from a dedicated studio.

Vuetec takes a different tack by having you play at a real casino table in real time.

Users of the Vuetec Live Roulette Platform

Vuetec owns both Lucky Live Casino and Dublinbet, where players may enjoy live dealer roulette. Vuetec’s main goal is to form partnerships with online casinos all over the world who want to provide its players a realistic simulation of a land-based casino right into their own homes, where they may wager real money.

In-Play Vuetec Casinos

There are now two land-based casinos that provide internet gaming. Vuetec casino live dealer roulette with real players is available at both the Fitzwilliam Casino in Dublin and the Palace Casino on the Isle of Man.

There will be both live and online participants participating in the games you watch. Because of this, the live dealer experience is more genuine than it would be if the players online controlled the pace of the table.

The Vuetec setup may be adapted to any land-based casino, with blind areas provided by carefully positioned cameras for those actual players who choose to keep their anonymity.  While the studio environment provides the optimum lighting for a video, the live roulette feed is not as clear as what you may see from a specialized online casino.

Live Casino Action Powered by Vuetec

When you walk into a real-life casino, one of many tables will be shown to you. The tables at the Fitzwilliam Casino are now available around-the-clock, whereas those at the Palace Casino are only open from 6 p.m. to 3 a.m. (or 4 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays). To access the Live Casino, simply select a table and click on its name.

Live Casino Action Powered by VuetecA big betting grid will take up the bottom half of the screen, while the roulette live stream will be displayed in a smaller window above this area. The stream will initially focus on the entire table until the wheel is spun, at which point it will cut to a close-up of the wheel as the ball slows and enters the slot.

Favorite bets, autoplay, and table statistics can all be found in the upper right corner of the screen, while general table data may be found on the left. Although there is no chat feature, real money winners can leave tips for the dealer. The virtual betting area’s felt may also be changed to a different color, and the volume can be adjusted.

Live Dealer Listing for Vuetec

The dealers are a major differentiator between Vuetec and other providers. It’s no exaggeration to suggest that many of the other live dealer firms hire primarily on the basis of appearances; in fact, the vast majority of their employees are young women under the age of thirty.

Vuetec uses a whole new strategy. Professionals are hired for their skills as dealers, and their familiarity with the game and its players contributes to a genuine gaming environment.

Vuetec Casinos – Specifications

The fact that you may choose from many casino games is an appealing feature at Vuetec.

You may, for instance, play two tables of live dealer roulette and two games of live dealer blackjack simultaneously, switching between them simply clicking on the corresponding tabs at the top of the lobby. At Vuetec casinos, you’ll also have the chance to practice with virtual currency before wagering real money on live dealer roulette.

Vuetec’s Multiple Roulette Game Options

Vuetec live roulette follows the guidelines established by the hosting casino. European roulette, with one zero, is being played at all available tables at the moment. This is because the house edge in European roulette is just 2.7%, compared to 5.26% in American roulette (where two zeroes are included).

American Roulette vs. European Roulette

An Overview of Vuetec’s Live Roulette Stream

Vuetec deserves praise for their novel approach to the popular live dealer casino genre.

An interesting future possibility for anyone interested in gambling in Las Vegas is the possibility of leveraging its technology to visit any online casino in the globe. Although the feed quality is currently inferior to that of other live dealer options, this is likely to change as technology evolves. Vuetec’s live casino has a variety of table games hosted by real dealers, including roulette, blackjack, texas hold’em, and baccarat.






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